I am a student from Berea College, with double majors in Chemistry and Computer Science. I came from Myanmar, a third world country in Southeast Asia. My life aspirations include developing energy efficient tools to facilitate STEM researches. During summer of 2015, I developed the Dashboard Management System for Berea College Office of Sustainability as part of my Computer Science internship. Its goal is to raise sustainable efforts in community by sharing data publicly with campus, to truncate intensive labor and time investment in data handling and publishing to the website, and to facilitate environmental assessment which can be used as a stepstone in decision-making committees. Summer 2013, I researched on lead analysis in soil around Berea Campus and its nearby districts as part of Chemistry URCPP (Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Program). During my undergrad studies, I primarily work as a chemistry teaching assistant at Berea College, and I spare a few hours a week working as a programmer. Contributing my time to public service and community has also been one of my interests, so I volunteered in different organizations.